Hello! We are two reporters, Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian and Scilla Alecci, who worked on ICIJ’s China Cables investigation into the mass detention and surveillance of minorities in Xinjiang. We’re here to answer your questions about the investigation and what we found!

Bethany was the lead reporter on ICIJ’s China Cables and has been covering China for 5+ years from Washington, D.C. I also spent four years in China and speak/read Chinese. You can see her on Twitter here.Scilla is ICIJ's Asian partnership coordinator, reporter and video journalist. She also worked on the China Cables investigation, as well as all of ICIJ's recent investigations – including the Panama Papers. Scilla in on Twitter here.

Our community engagement editor, Amy, might also jump in and help!

If you have no idea what the China Cables is then you can find all our reporting here. We published the six documents at the heart of the investigation too – in their original language and in English!

Update 2:30PM ET: Wow! You guys have some amazing questions! Thanks so much for your questions! Hopefully we have been useful 🙂 We have to go an do other things now!!

If you want to follow our work, both China Cables and others, then you can sign up to our newsletter: www.icij.org/signup! Thanks for your support.

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