House Speaker speaks day after legal experts made a case against Trump

House Speaker Pelosi will continue meeting with members and getting their input on the articles of impeachment in an effort to help her understand where the votes are, according to Democratic sources.

But the reality is that the people who will make the decision on the contents of the articles of impeachment are only a handful — namely Pelosi, with consultation from House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler and House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff.

And it will be a closely held secret until it is unveiled.

They will have to make a decision on the scope of the articles, which some have speculated will encompass the Mueller investigation.

 The articles of impeachment under consideration are:

  • Abuse of power and bribery
  • Obstruction of Congress
  • Obstruction of justice (including evidence from the Mueller investigation)

The possible timeline: Articles could be voted on next week (the week of December 9th) in House Judiciary and the week after (the week of December 16th) on the House floor.

Expect one more hearing in the House Judiciary committee next week, when the House Intelligence Committee attorneys present their findings.

Then, if a simple majority of the House votes in favor of the articles of impeachment, the trial will move to the Senate.