Why Italy’s Interior Minister wanted new elections


Matteo Salvini, deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior, defended his actions as Interior Minister at a session at the Italian senate saying: “I will do what I did all over again.” 

Talking about Europe and the relationship Italy has with the EU he highlighted: “I don’t want Italy to be slave of anybody.” Salvini also spoke about migrants and his immigration policy, clarifying “you reach Italy if you have a proper permission to enter.”

He said other politicians in Italy might be afraid of calling for new election, but he wasn’t: “I am a free man. I am not afraid of the judgment of Italians.”

“In a democracy the main path is to ask permission to our employers, the Italian citizens,” he added. 

Salvini took out a rosary in the middle of his speech and asked the Virgin Mary for protection, not for him but for Italians. “The emergency of this country is the demographic crisis and our budget law will need to have at least 50 billion euro to reduce taxes,” he added. 

Looking to what comes next for Italian politics he told the senate “I want to offer to Italian a future of growth and prosperity” and added “If you want to complete the reforms that we started we [the League party] are here.”