Ronda Rousey releases bizarre trailer for project with D-Von Dudley about killer tables

Ronda Rousey is looking to make a movie about killer tables, yes like actual tables, and the first trailer has already been released for the project. The former UFC champion and WWE Raw women’s champion has been absent from the squared circle since WrestleMania 35, but will take her fighting skills to silver screen as she defends herself against the four-legged horrors in a project appropriately called, ‘TABLES’.

The trailer begins with a serene scene at Browsey Acres (yup), a place described as peaceful. The tone quickly changes when tables gain a life of their own and start attacking the characters in the film. 

See the madness for yourself here in the red band trailer attached to the release of the movie poster. Warning: Profanity and graphic content. 

The use of tables is not completely random, as she will star alongside WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley (real name Devon Hughes), who is famous for using and abusing tables during his career. “Devon! Get the tables!” was a line used by his tag partner Bubba Ray in nearly every match, and is also referenced in the trailer. It is clear the project will borrow sayings and storylines from the real lives of the famous fighters. 

“Considering the number of tables Devon has put to an early grave throughout his career, the idea of tables finally getting Devon (instead of the other way around) seemed like a natural story for writers Jason Nawara and Justin Golightly,” a description of the movie says on

The website notes that the project began when Dudley inquired about working on a project with Rousey’s production company. “Sometime in June 2019, No DNB Productions was notified that Hughes, wanted to collaborate on a project. Ronda Rousey’s production company put their heads together and came up with TABLES – a tale of survival horror and high spots starring Ronda and Devon, fighting sentient… tables,” reads. 

Travis Browne a former UFC fighter and Rousey’s husband, also appears in the trailer.

While a full movie has not yet been made, the website has lots of content to keep fans amused. The trailer is paired with deleted scenes, a gag reel and movie posters surrounding the (very interesting) project.