Argentine boxer Hugo Santillán dead at 23 after suffering severe head injury in fight

Five days after he fainted while awaiting the verdict of his 10-round fight in San Nicolás with Uruguayan champion Eduardo Abreu, Argentine boxer Hugo Santillán has died at the age of 23 due to a severe head injuries suffered in the match.

As reported by The Nation and World Boxing News, the Santa Fe fighter had been hospitalized following the fight after losing consciousness, requiring medical assistance to regain oxygen and then undergoing surgery for a brain clot Saturday night. Santillán was awaiting official scoring after a hard-fought 10 rounds that ultimately ended in a draw, per the World Boxing Association, before he “collapsed in the arms of his trainers” live on TV.

Following surgery for the brain clot, the 23-year-old had two cardiorespiratory arrests, with Dr. Graciela Olocco, of the Hospital of San Nicolás, confirming to The Nation on Thursday that the boxer “never left the coma.”

Santillán’s death comes just days after Maxim Dadashev suffered fatal boxing injuries at the age of 28 on Friday night. Squaring off for a light Latin title of the World Boxing Council on Saturday, Santillán was known as “Dinamita” and made his boxing debut in 2015.