Model’s skin tone made her a social media star

She calls herself the 'Melaniin Goddess,' but years before Khoudia Diop came to celebrate her strikingly dark skin, the 19-year-old model struggled with bullying over her complexion.Today, it's not only her proudest asset, it has made her an overnight social media sensation. After partnering with The Colored Girl on a

Where twins are worshiped and murdered

Written by Tom Seymour, CNNAbout 50 miles north of Lagos lies Igbo-Ora, a sleepy rural town of about 92,000 citizens. Igbo-Ora is peopled by members of the Yoruba tribe, which makes up around 21% of the Nigeria's population.While the exact statistics are debated, anthropologists are united: Igbo-Ora has a singularly

13 great places to celebrate Lunar New Year

(CNN) — Want to strut your stuff in the Year of the Pig?If you're in Hong Kong -- or Vietnam, South Korea or anywhere else in the world with a Chinese diaspora -- it's time to don that tacky red jacket, gamble until you lose and eat till you burst.Yes,

$5 billion megaresort rises from the ocean

Editor's Note — CNN's series often carry sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Our sponsorship policy.(CNN) — Four kilometers off the Dubai coastline lies Europe. Or a version of it, at least.Comprising six man-made islands styled

Changing role of White House’s official photographer

Written by Haley WeissThis article was published in partnership with Artsy, the global platform for discovering and collecting art. The original article can be seen here.When you picture past presidents of the United States, whom do you see? Perhaps you envision John F. Kennedy as a doting father, playing with

Photos show life in 19th century China

Written by Oscar Holland, CNNBefore the arrival of photography, the Western imagination of China was based on paintings, written travelogues and dispatches from a seemingly far-off land.From the 1850s, however, a band of pioneering Western photographers sought to capture the country's landscapes, cities and people, captivating audiences back home and

World’s safest airlines for 2019

(CNN) — It's not something most avid travelers think about, but knowing you're in reliable hands when flying from one side of the world to the other is always a plus. For 2019, the airline at the top of the list, once again, is Australian carrier Qantas.Accidents involving air transport